About the Rangiuru Business Park

Where is the Business Park located?

The Rangiuru Business Park is located on the perimeter of Tauranga, Bay of Plenty region. It provides access to the Golden Triangle of Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga within the Western Bay of Plenty jurisdiction.
It’s 6 minutes’ drive to Te Puke, and 25 minutes to the Port of Tauranga (in non-peak time), with strong transport links to neighbouring towns, Rotorua, Whakatāne, Kawerau and Taupō.
Following the construction of the Pāpāmoa East interchange (PEI) Pāpāmoa will be less than a 10-minute drive away.

What is the expected completion date?

Stage 1a title is anticipated mid-2025, with future stages expected to come to market mid-2026.

What consents are in place?

Resource consents and engineering approvals are all in place to enable the development of the Quayside land in Stage 1 through to the issue of subdivision titles.

How many lots are available?

We have a draft subdivision plan for Stage 1, however there is some flexibility with size and location. The total area of Stage 1a is approximately 14hectares.

What services are provided?

The Park will be accessible via the new interchange off the Tauranga Eastern Link and local road upgrades. All Stage 1 lots will be provided with three waters, diverse fiber feed and power. While gas has not been installed the internal road network has been future-proofed to enable users to consider gas reticulation at any stage.

What is the price?

Please get in touch to discuss the various Lots and pricing schedule.

What sizes are the sections?

Sizes are flexible. We can accommodate small sites to sites as large as 10 hectares plus.

What types of businesses or industries will be in the Park?

Industrial permitted activities for the Park are set out in the Western Bay of Plenty District Plan. These include industry, storage and warehousing (including activities supporting the kiwifruit industry), building and construction wholesalers and retailers, commercial services, medical or scientific facilities, industrial manufacturing and processing, green waste and recycling, aquaculture, childcare facilities and veterinary services. These may be subject to certain qualifications or conditions and we encourage you to take advice on whether your business activity is permitted. We are open to a conversation about how your business might fit the Rangiuru Business Park vision.

Purchasing a Lot at the Rangiuru Business Park

How do I purchase land?

Send an enquiry via our Contact page with a bit of detail about what you’re after.
We’ll give you a call back to set up a time to better understand your requirements.

How many Lots are available in Stage 1a?

Lot sizes are flexible depending on your needs, with no set sizing.

When will Stages 2, 3 and 4 be available?

Quayside only owns land in stages 1 and 2. The Rangiuru Business Park Structure Plan provides that Stages 1, 3 or 4 may proceed provided at least 50% of the land in Stage 1 is in use. Quayside anticipates at least 50% of Stage 1 will be in use (titles issued) by mid 2026.

Development partnerships at Rangiuru Business Park

Who will develop my building?

If we enter into a development partnership, we can agree on specific consultants and contractors to be engaged to develop the building. Quayside is not tied to working with specific contractors, consultants or developers.
We work alongside well-respected partners with a proven track record.
The first step to a development partnership is looking at the feasibility of what you want to construct. Contact us to discuss this option.

Design controls

Are there any design controls or covenants?

Yes, there will be covenants, with design standards to ensure we maintain a high-quality, modern industrial land development.

About the Developer

Who is the developer?

Quayside Holdings is the investment arm of Bay of Plenty Regional Council (Council), with a fund currently valued at $3.3B and with the purpose of growing a responsible and diversified fund that generates long-term returns which support the growth and prosperity of the Bay of Plenty. Quayside owns 40% of the Rangiuru Business Park through its subsidiary, Quayside Properties Limited (QPL), undertaking projects throughout the region, with a team of experienced Project Managers, Developers and Engineers.

How will I be kept informed of any progress

Sign up to our newsletter for regular project updates.

About the Region

What is the population in the region? 

The Tauranga-Western Bay Sub-Region’s total population was 222,600 in 2023, up 2.6% from a year earlier. Total population grew by 2.1% in New Zealand over the same period.
Population growth in Tauranga-Western Bay Sub-Region averaged 2.6%pa over the 5 years to 2023 compared with 1.3%pa in New Zealand.

Is there a future plan for residential development?

Tauranga City and the Western Bay of Plenty have seen a rapid and sustained increase in population, with the sub-region’s population expected to increase to reach between 246,000 and 318,000 people in the next 30 years, placing demand for more housing and employment. It is estimated that between 37,000 and 43,000 new homes will need to be built over the next 30 years within the western Bay of Plenty sub region to meet housing demand, comprising a mix of detached and attached dwellings. Future Development plans are underway to meet this demand, to include a new Eastern township and other residential.
To find out more, check out the SmartGrowth Strategy.