The location of The Rangiuru Business Park is unbeatable, whether you’re an exporter, an importer or just keen to do business in the fastest growing region in New Zealand. It sits at the junction of the western, eastern and southern Bay of Plenty, just six minutes to Te Puke, 25 minutes to Port of Tauranga and within 3 hours drive of half of New Zealand’s population.

The Rangiuru Business Park is designed to allow for the construction of large footprint, high quality industrial facilities underpinned by reasonable land prices. The Park will be connected to the bisecting Tauranga Eastern Link expressway by a dedicated interchange, providing great branding and site exposure for the Park’s businesses and making travel times more predictable. The Park is geographically well located to support the region’s key economic asset of Port of Tauranga, with a direct rail link.

The central position of The Rangiuru Business Park in the rapidly growing Bay of Plenty provides good access to a wide range of employees and skill types. The surrounding, vibrant communities also offer a range of schooling options, affordable housing and all the facilities required to support the growth of your business.

We are proud to be part of the wider BOP economy, connected to our community and part of the wider regional development.  We are aligned to a number of growth strategies for the Bay with SmartGrowth and UFTI.

What activities are permitted?

The Rangiuru Business Park is a key strategic asset that will began earthworks in September 2021. It has significant potential to unlock major private sector investment in industrial businesses, with a target of around 35 hectares to be delivered in the first stage of the development.

The park is zoned industrial, with all resource consents for earthworks and stormwater discharge in place.  The Business Park strives to be environmentally friendly with sustainable outcomes, along with respecting the whakapapa and the mauri of the tangata whenua.

Permitted activities include industry, storage and warehousing (including activities supporting the kiwifruit industry), retail and wholesale trade, building and construction, commercial services, food processing operations, wood processing, medical or scientific facilities, industrial manufacturing, green waste and recycling, aquaculture, childcare facilities and veterinary services.

When is development happening?

Detailed engineering design of the Business Park, funding applications and consents have been undertaken.  The commencement of earthworks and construction began in the spring of 2021.  The construction of the motorway interchange will commence in spring 2022.

We anticipate Stage 1a works will complete approximately late 2023.

Stage 1a titles are anticipated to be available early 2024.

How is the development being staged?

The first stage (Stage 1a) of The Rangiuru Business Park is around 15 hectares of land and will take place in the lower portion of the green area marked ‘Quayside land’ on the map.

The location, shape and total area may be customised by negotiation with early adopters, subject to planning approval.  We are interested in selling land, leasing land or developing vertical builds.

Under the Western Bay of Plenty District Plan, at least 50% of Stage 1 needs to be complete before other stages can be started.

With a supply of thermal and electrical energy, natural gas, high speed broadband and telecom services available at the gate, developing, building or leasing at The Business Park is made easy.